M2 Cube added extra ports to the MacBook Pro charger

When you’re traveling light, technology can make up a significant proportion of your kit. It is not always your devices that take up space — sometimes accessories, too. As you know every device needs a power supply to work on.

In comparison with the power bricks supplied by many manufacturers, Apple chargers are fairly slim. The USB-C version supplied with the current MacBook Pro is also very powerful. It seems a shame that you can only charge one device from this capable power supply.

The Monitormate M2 Cube changes that. Which is provided with three new port which helps to charge multiple of devices at the same time such as your laptop, your phone, and your tablet from one wall socket.

MacBook Pro charger Selloye

What is an Apple charger expansion?

It is just USB came out with more numbers of ports to your laptop, an Apple charger expansion adds more ports to your power adapter.

The expansion has no noticeable effect on performance, and it even has its own Apple-style cable winder.

Apple styling

Yeah when you come across Apple products, then you just don’t get devices you get a beautifully crafted art on that too.

MacBook Pro charger selloye

PC: Amazon.in

Those extra ports

So, what exactly can you do with those extra ports?

The best parts Of M2 Cube

The small bag covers all necessity of power charger.


– Order now: https://amzn.to/2n1kU3E



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