Badminton Tracker Measures Swing Speed, Radian, Strength, Identifies Shot, Progress Maps



You may not find blogs on badminton, in the world of blogging, thus, today I’m going to write a blog on it.

The reason behind it is our new product Actofit Badminton Tracker.

This device shall help people, reach new heights in Badminton.

This device not only tracks your activity but also boosts your confidence

The specialty of this device is that it tracks all the activities such as clear, smash, drive, lift, slice and block in real-time. You just need to fit this device at the base of the racquet, install an app, connect and start analyzing the data. The mobile app is compatible with ios 8.0+ and Android 4.1+.

It has LED lights and an on/off button to indicate charging and connectivity status. The device is very light in weight(almost 6 grams). The battery back up is outstanding. The built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is a powerful bundle of energy that enables uninterrupted playtime. Also, this tracker has a large memory capacity (8Mb delivers 100,000 swings/6hrs play). I’m sure this sounds interesting.


The Advanced Gyroscope and Accelerometer ┬áTechnology are used to capture the movements of your racket and all data is transmitted through the latest technology Bluetooth 4.0 to your device. Every day they analyze their own performance and improve themselves to become better than they were, previously. I’m sure you want to improvise and beat yourself every day. No point in waiting, go ahead, buy this device on (Amazon).


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